Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book Review-Return to Me Restoration Series by Lynn Austin

I love to cook and I love to read. Sometimes I do both with not so good results! I recently read Return to Me by Lynn Austin. I absolutely loved this book. I sometimes can take issue with Biblical fiction as they may not be totally accurate, but I guess I did not know enough about Zechariah and his family to get upset. This book began with Zechariah's grandfather, Iddo and family living in Babylon. Some of the Jews were hoping to return to Jerusalem one day, others had settled down and were pleased with life. I had never realized or thought about the fact that the Jews were slaves in Babylon but this book highlights that fact. Iddo has been waiting to return to Jerusalem and has to convince his family when the time comes to return. Ultimately only his wife and Zechariah return with him. The book tells of their difficulties in rebuilding the temple. They stop for many years and exciting events cause them to begin again. My absolute favorite part of the book was when Zechariah realized that he too was a prophet!!  Read this book! I cannot wait for the next book in this series.

A free copy of this book was provided by Bethany House Publishers.

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