Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cook Book Heaven

I recently told someone that I needed to build a bookshelf in my kitchen. My cookbook collection is growing steadily. The variety of Vegan cookbooks is amazing. I recently added two to my collection.

Happy Herbivore: Light and Lean

This book talks about being Plant Based rather than Vegan. The recipes are low fat and do not use ANY oil. I decided that I want to lose a few pounds and decided to get this book for some healthy vegan recipes. I have enjoyed most of what I have made, everything is really simple. These are real 30 minute meals. I have not had any success with the baking recipes in this book- in fact all of them have been an absolute failure, so I gave up on that aspect of the book.

I did some research on a Plant Based Lifestyle and came across Better Than Vegan The recipes in this book are a little more labor intensive than Happy Herbivore but seem to be more flavorful and complex. My entire family enjoyed the Portobello Bourginon- Delicious!

In my quest to get slim I have subscribed to Happy Herbivore meal plans . Every Wednesday a new meal plan is sent for the week. This is my second week on the plan and I have found the meals to be pretty satisfying and my clothes are already feeling a little looser.

Book Review- All Things Hidden by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse

I love history! I will read a historical book about almost anything and absolutely love historical fiction. The book "All Things Hidden" details the Matanuska Colonization that took place in Alaska as a response to the Great Depression. 200 families were chosen to settle an area in Alaska, given homes and land. This story tells of some of the challenges they faced through the eyes of the main character Gywn, a young woman who helps her father, a doctor treat the newcomers and native people of Alaska.

Gywn has a lot of baggage, a mother and sister who deserted Alaska and her for the good life in Chicago. Gywn also has a problem with worry and there are a lot of great quotes from her adopted grandmother about this. My only complaint with this book was the character Clarence who seemed like he was interjected because there needed to be a bad guy.

I think there was enough drama with the settlers, their health, Gywn's mother and sister, prejudice, Gwyn's relationship with Jeremiah, even the weather. This character was just not necessary. I wish the author had developed the story with Gywn's mother and resolved that- I really wanted to know how they felt about Gywn's marriage and if the prayers of many had wrought any changes.

I would recommend this book mostly because of the rich history, the story was just ok.