Thursday, November 21, 2013

Getting Up after Failure!

It felt as if I had waited forever, but it was finally here! Isa Does It - the latest cookbook by Isa Chandra, author of Vegan with a Vengeance and Veganimicon. I read that cookbook like it was a novel and decided to christen it by trying the Marbled Banana Bread. EPIC FAIL- did not rise, gummy and flavor was just off. Was it me or something else? Thank God my chickpea cutlets from Veganimicon with onion gravy was a hit. Yet, the next day when I tried to recreate my success- FAIL! The cutlets were stringy and awful.

My questions is how do you brush off these failures and keep on going? How do you get back in the kitchen after failing spectacularly, wasting ingredients, time and money? In times like these you need a WIN- a dish that motivates and inspires.

Well , I dusted the flour and egg replacer off my face and tried again. Spinach and Black Bean Bowls with Quinoa and Guacamole. This was actually the first time I had eaten quinoa and was a bit skeptical but pleasantly surprised. I thoroughly enjoyed this meal. I felt so virtuous after eating this that there was no way I could eat dessert. So tonight, cheddar broccoli soup with French bread, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. I love this, real inspiring. I'm trying something new tomorrow too, wish me luck!~