Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumpkin Bounty!

I was recently blessed with a beautiful pumpkin from my grand-uncle's garden- thanks mommy!
Visions of pumpkin soup, cookies and cake danced in my head. I finally decided on Pumpkin Lentil Curry Soup and searched online for a recipe. Sadly, I realized I did not have everything I needed to follow that recipe so I just decided to wing it. Sautéed some onions, thyme, salt and pepper and pumpkin, added some broth and red lentils. I let that come to a boil, then simmer until the pumpkin was tender and the lentil were soft. I pureed more than half of the soup in the blender, then added a half can of coconut milk. Delicious!

I served this with some Naan bread (my own totally unlike the traditional version).

I had half the pumpkin left and thought---- dessert!! I just loaded a copy of Veganomicon and decided to try the Pumpkin Crumb Cake topped with a Pecan Streusel. I cooked the pumpkin in my slow cooker and by the time I arrived home the pumpkin was a deep orange color and looked like it had been roasted. The cake was moist, delicious and pumpkiny (Is that a word?).

The pumpkin bounty continues. I just got a pumpkin delivered from Chiccarney Farms. What will I do with this one?

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