Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cookbook- Vegan Ice Cream by Jeff Rogers

I love ice cream! One of the hardest things for me to give up post vegan was ice cream. I have tried and enjoyed some of the dairy free brands available today and like the author of today's book have had mixed reactions. OK, but not the rich, creamy stuff I am jonseing for.

This book begins with a lot of information that's actually pretty interesting to read. Info about ingredients that I am not to sure if I will be buying. So far, my only peeve with this book is it seems to be really labor intensive. How many people will actually make coconut milk when there are really good brands to buy? Also the author makes his own nut milks and juices for the raw ice creams. I think that I will be taking some short cuts, as I don't have a juicer or many hours to make ice cream. The pictures are beautiful and you could just eat the book. The last chapter shows some sauces that could go with your ice cream or even be used to make Popsicles. I loved that idea!

Vegan Ice Cream came just in time. I was having some guests over for a fun night and they eat even more carefully than my family does, so all of the ideas I had for dessert were a no-no. I decided to try the Maple Walnut Ice Cream since I had all the ingredients on hand. I soaked the cashews because I have a regular old blender (hoping someone will bless me with a VitaMix-hint). The mix looked thick and creamy and tasted great! But, woe is me! My ice cream maker did not work- for some reason the mixture did not transform into ice cream. When life gives you cream, make... popsicles!. I am not sure this is what the author intended but the mix was poured into molds and voila! The next day we had maple walnut pops.

Persons who do not have a ice cream maker can still use these recipes as pops! I can't wait to try other recipes in this book.

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