Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Book Review- Provence 1970

 This book may not be enjoyable for the average vegan, as it contains considerable food porn that features meat prominently. Yet, I enjoyed it!. Provence, 1970 is written by M.F.K. Fisher's grandnephew. I have heard of M.F. but never read her work, after this book I plan to read her books and the work of James Beard. I was almost tempted to look up Julia Child's cookbooks too, but then I remembered ... Vegan???

The book tells of M.F., Julia and Paul Child, James Beard and Onley (a cookbook author, I had never heard about) meeting up in Provence. The times were changing, attitudes were shifting. French cooking had been seen as the ultimate, and Americans had worshiped at this altar for many years. After being ridiculed by French Chefs (Beck-Child's co-author) and Onley (American living in France), M.F. and Julia decided to turn their attention elsewhere and American cuisine became their focus. 

My favorite parts of the book were the letters traded back and forth by all the key players in the book. It made me want to purchase stationery and dismantle my email account. Luke Barr, did a great job of combining the letters with journal writings and personal stories to deliver a magnificent tribute to M.F. K. Fisher and other American Food Writers.

The book also mentions a shift to local foods, quality and even organic ingredients. Vegetarian cooking is even mentioned. It's a reminder that nothing stays the same, our attitudes towards food will continue to shift. Perhaps one day, the whole world will be vegan!

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through Blogging for Books.

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