Monday, December 29, 2014

A Few of my Favorite....Blogs!

My day is not complete unless I have visited my essential websites  which include numerous vegan blogs. Unfortunately, I probably spend to much time online and these blogs do not help at all. They have helped me to see veganism as anything but restrictive and dull. Instead, the vibrant recipes and advice that I find encourage me to be more creative.

I feel like I know Bianca, the blog's author. Her posts are so chatty and full of information about everything vegan. I must admit that I have never tried any of her recipes, but love reading about what she ate. I appreciate the fact that she is very forgiving and does not belong to the Vegan Police.

This blog was my first introduction to just how good vegan food can be. Angela is so creative and everything I have ever made from her has been a success. I even have a copy of her cookbook, which is my favorite this year. She doesn't post as often since she had a baby, but this is a great resource.

I discovered this blog through Google when looking for a recipe. It was my greatest find! I spend most of my time baking, so this was perfect for me. The ingredients are simple and easy to find, also perfect for me. 

This was a very recent find for me, recommended by another vegan. So far, I have only used one recipe from this site and we enjoyed it. I plan to try many others.

I hope you check out these blogs and tell me about your favorite. 

On Instagram I started following Vegan Beast Mode. His story is amazing and he inspires me to at least get out of bed and stretch. Check him out!

I have one week left off from school and there is so much cooking left to do. I have three new cookbooks to work from and will be sharing the results with you.

Happy New Year!

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