Friday, November 7, 2014

Vegan Cuts- October

As you may now know I bestowed a three month subscription to Vegan Cuts Snack Box upon myself. October was the second month of my subscription and I wasn't blown away by this box. It had items that just didn't blow me away. But nevertheless, here they are:

I have heard about Zatar and was curious to taste the spice. It was interesting , but I am not a fan of chips that are a blend of stuff. This chip has black beans as one of the many ingredients. I left half the bag for my hubby, that says it all!

I love chocolate, and Vegan Chocolate is not always available. This dark chocolate was blended with berry and cherry flavors. Good!

I had totally intended to save this for my son, but somehow ended up polishing off the entire pack. It is a good alternative to the "fruit" snacks found in lunch bags.

Honestly, I have not tried this veggie protein powder as yet. I will let you know if it has the chalky taste of other powders.

I love popcorn, but hated this. I have never tasted anything flavored with truffles and never will again. I would like to try other flavors by POP ART.

I love chocolate and like coconut so this was something I thought I would love. Unfortunately, I did not. My husband though, liked it so much that I am checking local stores for it and may order a batch.

I love tea! Nothing brightens my day like sitting and sipping a hot cup of tea. I have seen this product in my local Fresh Market but never gave it a second glance. WOW! The flavors I got were...... CHOCOLATE! Yes, chocolate tea. Genius! This was so good. I plan to seek and find, then enjoy every single day.

I am not much of a soda fan, but someone who wants to drink soda without worrying about calories, sugar or artificial sweeteners might like this. My local Fresh Market carries this, so I have recommended this to my dieting friends who need soda like I need tea.

This box didn't blow my mind, but I definitely enjoy receiving it each month. I may decide to give myself another subscription, just to celebrate my awesomeness.

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