Friday, September 5, 2014

No Failure to Lunch- Flavor Packed Edition!

I am a big fan of Angela Liddon of the Oh She Glows Blog. I don't remember how I discovered her, but I did and I love almost every recipe I have ever tried from her site. I even pre-ordered her cookbook, counting down the minutes till it arrived. I must recommend the brownies and chocolate cake from The Oh She Glows Cookbook. Better than any I have ever had, vegan or not.

So,when I was looking for lunch ideas I immediately thought of the Cumin Black Bean Quinoa Salad . I have made this a few times before and always enjoyed. I subbed brown rice for Quinoa, since it is just too expensive here. The flavor develops as time passes, so its best to prepare the night before.

It's now time to plan for lunch next week. Any ideas?

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  1. Oh wow!!! These look yummy must tries!!! I'm in a master's program too and the struggle to make lunch (as well as breakfast and inner!) is real! *hugs*