Sunday, July 19, 2015

A little of this and a little of that!


Waking up late, going to bed late, cooking, eating, reading! All things I like to do during the summer. Unfortunately, pursuing my Master's Degree has but a little damper on my usual summer activities. But, I will not be dismayed I will find time to sleep in late, watch my favorite television shows, cook, eat and of course read.

I cannot resist a new cookbook and Facebook ensures that I know about every cookbook that is published. I had heard about Miyoko Schinner, because of her vegan cheese line. Unfortunately, living in paradise means that I may never taste these delicacies. But, if I have the inclination I can make them at home using her recipes. Yet, I have no interest in making cheese, considering I don't really like the stuff. Thankfully, this cookbook has so much more. My Auntie Esther makes pecan rolls that will make you scream... I have tried to recreate this recipe many times with so many failures. Schinner's Basic Yeasted Sweet Pastry Dough is the closest I have ever got. It results in fluffy, sweet dough! If this is the only thing I ever make from this book, it was well worth it.

Did I ever mention that I am obsessed with midwives? Well reading about them at least. I stumbled across a book on my Kindle called The Reluctant Midwife. This is not a christian book, but it is a good read. All the trials and tribulations faced by a very reluctant midwife during the Great Depression, while dragging along a catatonic doctor. Great read!

I received a free copy of the book The Midwife's Tale by Delia Parr. This book was less about a midwife and more about a town that is served by a midwife. Trinity, Pennslyvania is an interesting place with all kinds of characters that will make you love this town. Martha Cade faces an interesting dilemma, a doctor who threatens her position in the town, along with a mystery. Martha is an engaging character who has an interest in so many lives all over Trinity. If you love midwives and small towns, you will enjoy this book.

This month I traveled to San Antonio for a conference. During this time my church voted on an issue connected to women being ordained. Unfortunately, in the end the vote went the other way and women will not be ordained. Perhaps, this is why I found Refining Fire by Tracie Peterson so interesting. The story itself was not so engaging and I do not like books that leave you hanging which this book does. Yet, the story did make me think as Abrianna Cunningham, wrestled with the position of women in ministry. I thoroughly enjoyed her spirited arguments and determination to serve.

San Antonio! The highlight of this trip was my first ever visit to Whole Foods. YAY! I got to try Beyond Meat's Chik'n Strips and CHAO cheese. I love that place, and cannot wait to go back.

Another month left for my semi-vacation. Hopefully, I will be doing lots of cooking, eating and reading!

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