Friday, April 17, 2015

Vegan, Vegan, What do you see?

Vegan, Vegan, What do you see?

I see vegan sausages.
I see vegan pizza.
I see vegan ice cream.
I see vegan food everywhere.

For too long being vegan in paradise meant that food had to be made from scratch all the time! Vegan convenience foods were no where to be found. This is changing, over the past few weeks I have been so pleased to find  the variety improving along with accessibility.

Field Roast Sausages

I first saw this item in Grand Bahama and was overjoyed to see it in my local Solomon's Fresh Market. This was awesome served in gravy over grits for breakfast and then simply fried with Patatas Bravas (a recipe I found on The Minimalist Baker's blog). It is very expensive, but good for an occasional treat.
                                                 Image result for field roast sausage images

Daiya Pizza

I had taken to ordering a cheese-less pizza from my local pizza place, but never found this particularly satisfying. I then, started making my own pizza (Best Recipe Ever-Deep Dish Pizza in But I Could Never Go Vegan). I love making my own pizza, but there are times when I feel like eating but not cooking. Enter my new favorite, Daiya Pizza from SUPER VALUE Winton. When I saw this in the freezer I did a happy dance and even squealed. I had heard about it, but never had the pleasure. So worth it!! I had the Roasted Vegetable, but will be going back to try the others.

                                               Image result for daiya pizza images

Now to the best part-- Ice Cream! I love Ice Cream! I have missed Ice Cream! Yes, I bought an ice cream maker and a ice cream cook book. Unfortunately, I have never been successful with this. I had the great fortune to try So Delicious Ice Cream while visiting Florida, so I was happy to celebrate my birthday with the almond chocolate bars. Dinner was made complete with the Mocha Almond Fudge flavor. The items are pricey, think over ten dollars for a pint of ice cream. This will be a rare treat for me. You can find this at Solomon's Fresh Market at Harbour Bay.

                                                    Image result for so delicious mocha almond fudge

I have seen some other items that I plan to try as soon as I can. I love cooking at home, but am glad to see the variety of vegan foods expanding.

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