Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Good Food Day


What makes a good food day for you?

On a day when I have been particularly virtuous I feel like I have had a good food day. You know what I mean oats for breakfast, and lots of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. The cookbook, A Good Food Day by Marco Canora seems to have pretty much the same ideas that I have about what good food is.

Good food simply makes you feel good.

Lately, I have been eating only foods that promise to make me feel good, this means that I have slowed down considerably in my consumption of sweets. A Good Food Day is by no means a vegan cookbook, but subconsciously, I think it acknowledges that a plant based diet is the best way to feel good. A good many of the recipes are vegan by chance or design and are pretty good. I veganized the Whole Wheat Rigatoni with Porcini Mushrooms and Baby Spinach (p. 155) by eliminating the cheese and using Earth Balance Butter. The flavors were like nothing I had ever eaten, rich and earthy. I plan to try a few more recipes, veganizing those that need that extra special attention.

The ideas of the author are ones that all of us could pay more attention to. Cook real, quality food and enjoy what you eat. I plan to do this more and have a few more good food days.


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