Sunday, February 8, 2015

February..A Time for Seitan and Chocolate!

It's February already!

The year is in full swing and I am swinging right along with it. My classes have begun again and squeezing in time to cook is hard. Yet, it has never been more important to me. The government implemented a new Value Added Tax (VAT) on January 1, 2015 and this spurred me to re-evaluate my spending. This evaluation led me to the conclusion that I am not eating out...ever. I have mostly been able to stick to this new rule, with very few slip-ups. So now I have less time to cook, but need to do it more than ever...sigh.

I have developed a new love for seitan. I had eaten seitan many years ago, when a friend prepared it for me. This convinced me that I did not like it, now I love it. What made the difference? Steaming! Boiling in my opinion, does not do seitan justice, just makes it all mushy. But steaming!!!! Wow!
Isa Does It! has a great recipe for sausage, Salad Samurai has a pretty good one that absorbs lots of flavor but my absolute favorite is found in my new favorite cookbook, But I Could Never Go Vegan!
Full of flavor! I love seitan (did I mention this?), but have found gluten flour to be expensive here. I ordered some from Amazon (Bob's Red Mill) and was pleased with the product and price.

Did I mention my new favorite cook book? But I Could Never Go Vegan! I had actually never heard of the author, but read about the cookbook somewhere and am so happy I took a chance on it. All of the recipes I have tried have been winners- Sunflower Sausage, Cornmeal Waffles, Seitan, Lentil Mushroom Meatloaf, Sausage Biscuits and Gravy. I am sure I said that I really like this book. I have even ordered it for a friend who is trying out the Vegan lifestyle. YAY!

February celebrates love and all things chocolate, which I happen to love. I ordered the Vegan Cuts Chocolate Lovers Box, despite my budget and some tummy issues. Who can resist chocolate, especially in February? I will fill you in on all the yummy details.

Happy February!

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