Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Christian Book Review and Other Exciting News!


Perhaps because it's summer (YAY!) I was able to read A Match of Wits by Jen Turano in a day. Another reason may be that this book was laugh out loud funny. I have read and enjoyed previous books by this author that introduced the characters in this book. Agatha Watson is a progressive, young woman who works as an investigative journalist. Her work has caused her life to be put at risk and in her travels she finds her friend and love interest Zayne Beckett. Zayne is clueless, but dedicated to Angela. This dedication takes them both through many mishaps and adventures. They eventually find out who is trying to hurt Angela and (of course) declare their undying love for each other.

I enjoyed this book, it had so many funny moments. Yet for someone who was supposedly so smart Angela really annoyed me. She seemed to have no problem putting her own life and the lives of others at risk. I liked catching up with characters from the other books, but this book can be read and enjoyed without  reading the others. My favorite characters were Mr. Blackheart and Drusilla who had the ahem, privilege of escorting and protecting Agatha. I would like to see a book featuring these two.

A free copy of this book was provided in exchange for my review by Bethany House Publishers .

Now on to the exciting news...

September will be The Vegan Month of Food or VeganMoFo. Vegan bloggers all over the world will blog at least 20 times in the month of September on various themes and topics. For the first time ever I will be participating. I had already resolved that this year I will not buy lunch unless it is a life or death situation. So.. I have chosen lunch as my theme. Each day (fingers crossed) I will blog about the lunches I will pack for myself and hubby. I cannot wait to get started!

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