Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Break-Reading, Baking, Cooking Up a Storm

For so many weeks, even months I have been anticipating this break. It is finally here! I have already tried my hand at Cinnamon Rolls (Fail!) and Hot Cross Buns (Kinda Fail). Despite this my break has not been a total bust (in the reading department), because of this book- Fair Play by Deanne Gist.

This historical Christian fiction took place in Chicago during the time of The World Fair. It covered everything- Women's Rights, Child Labor, The Juvenile System, Immigration,  amongst other things. This book tells the story of Dr. Billy Jack Tate, a woman who has fought to be a doctor and has a large chip on her shoulder as a result. Of course, she falls in love but this story is not predictable at all. It takes many twists and turns that kept me engaged and wondering what next.

I will look for other books by this author and encourage you to fill your days with success- Read this book!

A free digital copy of this book was provided by the publisher- Simon and Schuster.

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