Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Christian Lit and Other News

Finally, my Master's Program is done and I am free to read, cook and relax. Unfortunately, Netflix seems to have stolen hours of my time. I recently fell in love with the series Blindspot, and am counting down the hours to tonight's episode.

It's so nice to actually have leisure time, and I have fallen into a reading rut with formulaic romances that just pass the time. So, I was happy to get a chance to read The Domino Effect by Davis Bunn (a free copy was provided by Bethany House Publishers). This financial thriller kept me up many nights and I even passed it on to my aunt who is in the business of banking. Esther Larsen, named after my favorite biblical character seems to have a perfect life, but is suffering from extreme loneliness and an attack of conscience. The book chronicles her life changing to one that is full of love and friendship, but it happens in totally unexpected ways. Davis Bunn describes an impending financial crisis without boring me to death and actually kept me reading. I loved that Esther was competent and didn't melt into a puddle every time something bad happened. Even though she did form life saving relationships. Davis Bunn has done an excellent job of keeping the reader thrilled and engaged.

This year Vegan MOFO will actually take place in November. Each day has a different prompt which I am looking forward to trying out. Will I make it through the entire month? No clue! But it will be fun to try.

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