Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vegan Cuts- September Snack Box

Earlier I tried a one month gift subscription to the Vegan Cuts Snack Box. I decided to go for a 3 month subscription this time, and last month received my first box. I am always excited to get packages, but was anxiously awaiting this one. My box contained-

 This was the item I was most excited to try! I have not had boxed macaroni in ages, and was pleased to see the white cheddar flavor in my box. It was good! I expected an artificial taste, but was pleasantly surprised.

I love popcorn and I love Chai!  I got the Chai Caramel flavor, which was delicious. I need to find this again.

I think regular peanut butter has spoiled my taste buds, this nut butter was not sweet at all. It's interesting, but would take some getting used to.

I have never had protein powder before, and don't think I ever will again. I used this in a smoothie, but there was a chalky, weird taste that I just did not like. 

 This product was another miss for us, it is made from banana and coconut. The package states that the brown color is normal and we all know that bananas turn brown. Yet I found the color a little disturbing and didn't like the taste much either. I did share with a coworker who enjoyed it, so it may just be me?

 These were.... chips! Nice chips, but chips. It was nice to enjoy without having to read the ingredients and worry something non-vegan being sneaked in.

I enjoyed this blend of strawberry, banana and apple. It reminded me of applesauce, though it is referred to as a smoothie. I was pleasantly surprised to see it carried in my neighborhood Solomon's Fresh Market and have added Buddy Fruits to my son's lunch box.

There were a few additional items that I have not tried as yet, and probably won't try: a Shitake extract, and some electrolyte replenishing powder.

I am looking forward to October's box. Visit Vegan Cuts to get your own box.

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