Monday, May 12, 2014

A Week in the Life!

This past week had some definite vegan ups and downs.

This week I for some reason  did not pack lunch. Why is it that on the days when you don't pack lunch you are hungry 10 minutes after breakfast? One of my coworkers informed me that he would be buying lunch from a Jamaican place. I ordered rice n' peas and cabbage. I have had some problems just ordering sides (WHY?), so I fully expected him to come back and say, "No Lunch for You!" Well, a smart friend and coworker thought ahead and called, basically begging the owner to accommodate me. I was thankful for lunch, but why oh why, can't people understand that some people do not want meat and just charge accordingly.

While shopping at my favorite store (Solomon's Fresh Market Harbour Bay) I was thrilled to see an entire cooler filled with Gardein Products. Some of their stuff is kind of freaky for me to eat, its so meat like. But I was so happy to see these, it was like a shot of encouragement. Also, in the bakery section there were 100% Vegan cupcakes.

Now if only everywhere could be so accommodating.

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