Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cook Book Heaven

I recently told someone that I needed to build a bookshelf in my kitchen. My cookbook collection is growing steadily. The variety of Vegan cookbooks is amazing. I recently added two to my collection.

Happy Herbivore: Light and Lean

This book talks about being Plant Based rather than Vegan. The recipes are low fat and do not use ANY oil. I decided that I want to lose a few pounds and decided to get this book for some healthy vegan recipes. I have enjoyed most of what I have made, everything is really simple. These are real 30 minute meals. I have not had any success with the baking recipes in this book- in fact all of them have been an absolute failure, so I gave up on that aspect of the book.

I did some research on a Plant Based Lifestyle and came across Better Than Vegan The recipes in this book are a little more labor intensive than Happy Herbivore but seem to be more flavorful and complex. My entire family enjoyed the Portobello Bourginon- Delicious!

In my quest to get slim I have subscribed to Happy Herbivore meal plans . Every Wednesday a new meal plan is sent for the week. This is my second week on the plan and I have found the meals to be pretty satisfying and my clothes are already feeling a little looser.

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